Buy the Ticket….risk the shame.

Buy the Ticket….risk the shame.


I have been doing a lot of work with goals lately, both with my family and at our dojo.


One thing that I have finally come to understand is that we (read I) have been putting off doing important things with our kids because of general busyness. So I started thinking about the things that we plan to do and why we end of doing them.

It came down to 2 things……..

money and SHAME.

Very few people book an airline ticket and then not show up for their flight because they were too busy……why because of money and shame. They bought the ticket well in advance and they told others of their plans, so they followed through.


We applied this to our family earlier this year. It suddenly dawned on my Wife and I that we had not been on a winter family vacation with our kids for….ready for this….six years!!!!! That’s crazy, why   because the time was never right, the money needed to go somewhere else, we had other things going on.


So this summer we bought the ticket, nothing fancy, just a quick trip out with our kids to make memories for a few days before it’s too late and they are gone.

Yes it does mean creating a money plan, but with a 6 month lead time we forgo some and plan accordingly. What about the shame part, we need to tell some folks so that we are held accountable…….. that’s where this comes in.

So if we don’t go, you have permission to throw something at me :>


Your challenge for the day is to set the goal that you have been putting off AND buy the ticket…… then tell some folks, even comment here and we will all know and hold you accountable.


See it’s that easy.


Stay strong and focused

 Sensei Young


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