well done!

well done!

We love hearing this stuff from our families:

"Something really cool happened today that I wanted to share with you.
The girls were on a team with another friend of theirs for battle of the books this morning. They worked pretty hard, read all 12 books, and felt pretty confident going into the competition.

Out of seven teams, they came in dead last. Not just a little bit last, but very very last.

Once the battle was over and the scores were announced, they maintained their dignity, came and gave us parents a hug, then went over to the winning team to shake their hands and tell them congratulations and that they did a good job.

They were the only two students that did that.

I am so proud of them for ending their competition well.

And I wanted to thank you and the dojo for teaching them that skill. We talked about it on the drive home and agreed that it was 100% karate".


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