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  • Fully trained!

    Fully trained!

    We are pleased to introduce you to your new instructor join the conversation here!!! ....

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  • Massive Potential

    Massive Potential

    😱 Looking for a GREAT program that teaches Manners and Respect? 😱 We've got you covered. Join our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts Classes...ONLINE! Grab our Virtual Intro course for only $27.99 (and you can even get an Offical Uniform!) ACT NOW: Our Online Classes offer: 📲 Dynamic Stretching 📲 Fun Cardio Challenges 📲 Self Defense Training 📲 Mat Chats 📲 Homework for Good Manners and Respect 📲 and LOTS of KARATE ACT NOW: And it's All Accessible from your home! This also includes a Virtual 1 on 1 Intro Lesson so we can meet you and your family prior to you starting classes! ....

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  • A++


    We are super proud of our newest Green and Brown Belts. One BIG word for this group..... PERSEVERANCE!!! ....

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  • Great deal

    Great deal

    Recenter your student for the new school year 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 Karate Education is now enrolling for the Fall Semester! ✅ An Award-Winning semester of Physical Education ✅ 3 months of small group Karate training at the cleanest and friendliest place in town! ✅ For ages 7-12 years, September 1st through December 3rd Tuesday and Thursdays 2:15-3:00 pm 💥 Lock in your spot here: ✅ Your student enjoys 2 classes per week at the Karate Dojo; check off their Physical Education requirements while learning Good Manners and Respect from certified teachers. ****Only a few spots for this fall special**** 💥 Lock in your spot here: ....

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  • Hard Working!

    Hard Working!

    Weekend priorities join the conversation at joi💥 💥 💥 💥 😎 ....

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  • True that!

    True that!

    What is the cost of Karate Training in the life of a young lady? Join the conversation at ....

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  • awsomeness!


    Remote Cyber Training in your Home! 💥 💥 💥 💥 💥 ✅ Want to learn Karate, but don't have a local dojo? ✅ Do you have the desire to improve your child's manners and respect? ✅ Need PE credit for your child's schooling journey? 💥 Lock in your spot here: We have certified teachers training karate in our cyber-dojo YEAR ROUND - 4 days per week! *****PLUS****** Member's only on-demand cyber training courses *****PLUS****** Official Karate uniform and white belt ******PLUS****** One on One Lessons on ZOOM ******AND******* Rank Promotion opportunities! 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 🎉 Quarterly memberships available + HUGE family ....

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  • Hard Working Class

    Hard Working Class

    We had a fantastic stripe and yellow belt exam today these boys and girls are rocking it! S uper hard work, very focused and lots of fun ....

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  • Staying Clean

    Staying Clean

    We have been doing clean in the dojo for the past 10 years, every day, all day Long before it was a fad Healthy training and healthy living join the conversation at ....

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