Juneau Karate Academy Reviews

Juneau Karate Academy Crystal K

I was talking with my son's teacher this morning and she said that he was saying "yes ma`am, please, thank you, and what else can I do to help" all day yesterday. She said the impact it had on the other students was incredible. Thank you JKA and the teachers for all you do

Crystal K

Juneau Karate Academy Dianna P.

I appreciate both the amazing karate instruction & the academy's commitment to good manners, respect and self-discipline in and out of the dojo.  The teachers & senior students don't just teach, they model citizenship and character strengths rarely seen in other sports programs.  Since starting their karate practices, my boys have improved their school performance, their sibling relationships and are developing a strong discipline in many other areas of responsibility.

Dianna P.

Juneau Karate Academy Carrie M.

JKA has had a hugely positive impact on my 11-year-old son. He's been doing it for over two years now and has learned so much...not only about the physical aspect of karate but also about discipline, respect and of course, good manners! Sensei Young is a kind and motivating instructor who has an excellent relationship with his students. We couldn't be happier! I would highly recommend JKA to anyone who has an interest in karate.

Carrie M.

Juneau Karate Academy Candice M.

Great family setting, values and people! My daughter loves it here and they are so accommodating. So glad I chose to Juneau Karate Academy. I know my daughter will learn so much here.

Candice M.

Juneau Karate Academy Judith M.

Highly recommend for anyone! A great, friendly, positive, welcoming environment which teaches not only karate, but life lessons as well.

Judith M.

Juneau Karate Academy Aaron A.

A positive environment that teaches good manners, respect, and self-discipline.  Our whole family attends and benefits physically and mentally.  Incredible instructors and wonderful family atmosphere!

Aaron A.

Juneau Karate Academy Amos K.

Great environment to learn in. Instructors listen to students and know how to meet the needs of a diverse class. Very family oriented. It was fun to watch the children's class interact with instructors. The adult class is good exercise and teaches useful techniques for self-defense, or for those who want to spar with a partner. Absolute Excellence, and they instill these values in their classes

Amos K.

Juneau Karate Academy Kayti C.

Juneau Karate Academy is a wonderful place of learning, for all ages! I love the family-oriented setting, plus beginners and kids are welcome. It started out as just a kid activity, and now we're getting the whole family involved! JKA not only teaches karate but also good manners, self-respect, discipline and integrity to all ages. 

I just started and got a free pass to take a class and see if I liked it. Their innovative buddy system also allows my friends and I to join, and reap some awesome incentives, like attending class together + family discount (plus, what karate kid doesn't like free pizza?!). JKA is highly recommended by me!! 

Kayti C.

Juneau Karate Academy Deema F.

Wonderful place for kids to learn respect, accountability, self-esteem, AND karate. Thank you JKA for all you give to my grandsons. They are so proud of their accomplishments.

Deema F.

Juneau Karate Academy Oscar B.

Good Karate School! Sensei/ Instructors are very knowledgeable, it teaches self-defense and discipline. My Son loves it, his learning a lot of good things.

Oscar B.

Juneau Karate Academy Colleen I.

Awesome program!! My boys have been in the program for over 1.5 years and really enjoy the classes. Thank you, Nathan & Christie, for being amazing teachers.

Colleen I.

Juneau Karate Academy Shawna P.

My family has been doing Shito Ryu karate with Sensei Young for the past 5 years. It started out as a way to help our very shy 4-year-old gain some confidence but has evolved into a family lifestyle. All 4 of us train at Juneau Karate Academy. We love that it is family focused, teaches character development and is a fun way to stay fit and healthy. If you or your family are looking for a way to be active and learn something new, you should check out Juneau Karate Academy. It will be well worth your time.

Shawna P.

Juneau Karate Academy Jesse H.

The best place to learn not just about karate but also about yourself. Great people and very family friendly. Instructions are well versed and easy to follow. Sensi is one of the best instructors I've ever learned from.

Jesse H.

Juneau Karate Academy Krista A.

Positive environment that teaches good manners, respect and self-discipline. Our whole family attends and benefits physically and mentally. Incredible instructors and wonderful family atmosphere!

Krista A.

Juneau Karate Academy Rachell L.

Thank you for all that you do. My son loves coming to his class all the time!

Rachell L.

Juneau Karate Academy Lorie D.

Best dojo ever, my son loves going to class and I love the values taught alongside the karate. Excellent work JKA!

Lorie D.

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